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Since 1981, Wesbild has been creating livable, environmentally responsible homes, neighbourhoods, and community gathering places. A privately held real estate development company, Wesbild specializes in master-planned communities, shopping centres, industrial and golf courses. Each Wesbild project has one thing in common: it is an inviting, thoughtfully designed place that brings people together.

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Building Community & Philanthropy

Wesbild takes our responsibilities as a corporate citizen very seriously and we have since we began in 1981. That’s why Wesbild is known for building authentic, sustainable communities. Neighbourhoods we would want to live in, shopping centres we would want to spend time in.  We believe being a good corporate citizen means giving back, which is why Wesbild continues to give back to the wider community.

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Behind every Wesbild project is a team of professionals dedicated to the community. Our team is smart, dedicated and brings innovation and depth of experience to the table. We know what it takes to help a community grow without taking away what makes it special.

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Wesbild is a subsidiary of Persis Holdings Ltd. Persis, founded in 1981 by Hassan Khosrowshahi, is the holding company for the Khosrowshahi family. Formerly known as Inwest Investments, Inwest was reorganized and renamed as Persis Holdings Ltd. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Persis has made substantial investments in several sectors including land development, high rise development, shopping centres, retail real estate, pharmaceutical royalties, entertainment royalties and retail.

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