About Persis

Persis Holdings Ltd. has made substantial investments in retail, real estate and pharmaceutical businesses. From building Future Shop into the country's largest electronics retailer to undertaking Canada's most ambitious housing project, Persis' interests are diverse, and its successes are many.

Inwest Investments

Inwest Investments is a subsidiary of Persis Holdings Ltd.

Future Shop

In the early 1980's, Inwest Investments founded Future Shop. The company grew to become Canada's largest electronics retailer, operating in every province in Canada and generating sales in excess of $2 billion. In 2001, Future Shop was sold to Best Buy for over $500 million.


Recognized as one of BC's leading residential and retail property developers, Wesbild, a subsidiary of Persis, was initially formed in 1981.

Its first of many landmark developments was Westwood Plateau in Metro Vancouver. Breaking ground in 1989, it was, at the time, the most ambitious housing project in Canada. Wesbild currently has three land development projects under construction in BC: Burke Mountain in Coquitlam, Turtle Mountain in Vernon and Predator Ridge in the Okanagan Valley.

Before entering the land development business, Wesbild was and continues to be an active developer of commercial real estate. Today, Wesbild owns and manages four shopping centres in British Columbia and Alberta.

DRI Capital

In 2002, Inwest acquired DRI CAPITAL (formerly Drug Royalty Corporation), a specialty finance company which acquires royalty streams on pharmaceutical products. Since acquisition by Inwest, DRI CAPITAL has restructured its business to resemble a private equity partnership.

Reservoir Media management

Reservoir Media invests in entertainment-based royalties including, but not limited to, songwriters' entitlements on copyright.

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