Current Portfolio

About Persis

Persis Holdings Ltd. has made substantial investments in retail, real estate and pharmaceutical businesses. From building Future Shop into the country’s largest electronics retailer to undertaking Canada’s most ambitious housing project, Persis’ interests are diverse, and its successes are many.


Since 1981, Wesbild has been creating exceptional master-planned residential and resort communities in addition to investing significantly in commercial and industrial projects throughout Western Canada. At the heart of each of these projects lies one key word:


We are constantly asking ourselves: Is this an inviting, thoughtfully designed place that brings people together? What services can we provide to help people accomplish more? How can we better enhance the lives of the individuals within our properties, and those of the greater community around us? By forever seeking out the answers to such questions, Wesbild has raised the bar in terms of community development within our industry. We focus on improving the way people live, work and play in the many places we have created.

DRI Healthcare

In 2002, Inwest acquired DRI Healthcare (formerly Drug Royalty Corporation), a specialty finance company which acquires royalty streams on pharmaceutical products. Since acquisition by Inwest, DRI Healthcare has restructured its business to resemble a private equity partnership and now acquires royalties through DRI Healthcare Trust, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Past Portfolio

Future Shop

In the early 1980’s, Inwest Investments founded Future Shop. The company grew to become Canada’s largest electronics retailer, operating in every province in Canada and generating sales in excess of $2 billion. In 2001, Future Shop was sold to Best Buy for over $500 million.

Inwest Investments

A subsidiary of Persis Holdings Ltd., Inwest was reorganized and renamed as Wesbild Holdings Ltd.
Before entering the land development business, Wesbild was and continues to be an active developer of commercial real estate. Today, Wesbild owns and manages multiple shopping centres in British Columbia and Alberta.