We are cognizant of the future we are building, and, more importantly, the legacy we leave behind.

At Wesbild, we believe conscientiously developed communities have the potential to bring people and nature together. This is why we are committed to environmental practices that not only benefit the community—but contribute to a healthy natural environment.

By thoughtfully designing each of our development projects, we invite residents to connect with the natural areas around them. Whether it is the neighbourhoods we build, the shopping centres we manage, our industrial projects, or future endeavours—we are cognizant of the sustainable future we are building, and, importantly, the legacy we leave behind.


We are committed to environmental practices that benefit both community, residents and natural landscape and habitats. We believe a community designed with nature in mind, fosters positive connections between people and the nature that is their backyard.

As part of its vision to better the co-habitation between people and  nature, to date, Wesbild has dedicated;

  • 30 acres of park space and 57 acres of environmental land at Burke Mountain,
  • almost 700 acres of green parks and community forest at Westwood Plateau, and
  • at Predator Ridge, has planted a 2000-plant lavender meadow and  created 3 outdoor yoga platforms.

Wesbild has developed over 6 kilometres of hiking trails and  interlinked family-friendly neighbourhoods at Burke Mountain.

In addition to creating and maintaining over 35 km of biking and hiking trails, Predator Ridge is a major stakeholder of the Okanagan Rail Trail, a 50km trail from Kalamalka Lake to the centre of Okanagan Lake in downtown Kelowna. Predator Ridge is proud to be designated as Basecamp to this world-class trail which boasts 24 kms of lakefront, creeks and truly unique natural habitats with 43 cultural and recreational points of interest.

Throughout The Foothills at Burke Mountain, significant clusters of mature trees were preserved which add visual interest and bring the surrounding natural world closer to home.


We believe a community designed with nature in mind fosters positive connections between people and the nature that is their backyard.


Our neighbourhoods are designed and built with particular attention to environmental preservation. This includes special care taken to protect watercourses as well as the unique flora and fauna of each region.

In 2006, Wesbild was the first developer to partner with the City of  Coquitlam to bring the green street concept to life Coquitlam.

Over seven kilometres of local watercourses have been protected  because of Wesbild development practices. Wesbild neighbourhoods located in Hyde Creek and Partington Creek areas are designed with natural corridors and waterways which act to protected and preserve the habitat of fish and wildlife. Efforts like these enable Wesbild to exceed the City of Coquitlam’s environmental Low Impact Development requirements and earn awards from groups such as the Audubon Society and the Urban Development Institute in recognition of its environmental practices.

10,000+ TREES

Planted in Westwood Plateau


Green Parks & Community Forest

7 KM

Of Watercourses Protected


To prevent damage to the five fish-bearing creeks crossing Westwood Plateau, Wesbild developed a set of procedures that minimized environmental impacts both during and after construction. These innovative techniques have been recognized with several awards from groups such as the Audobon Society and Urban Development Institute and have since been adopted as the standard for responsible development in sensitive environments.

Lions Gate Marine Centre, a Wesbild owned and operated operation, has been awarded a five-star rating as a Clean Marine BC Marina. Clean Marine BC is an innovative, voluntary eco-certification program that recognizes marinas, boatyards, and other boating facilities for their implementation of environmental best practices. The five Anchor Diamond rating is the highest rating that can be obtained.


Our innovative procedures to minimize environmental image during and after construction have been recognized with several awards and have since been adopted as the standard for responsible development in sensitive outdoor environments.

Eco-Friendly Resort Practices At Predator Ridge in Vernon
Eco-friendly green initiatives are on the forefront of our mission. Whether it is promoting the use of natural and local products, reducing greenhouse gases or minimizing our consumption of water usage.


Future Generations: The Legacy We Leave Behind

We are cognizant of the sustainable future we are building, and, more importantly, the legacy we leave behind.

Wesbild believes in the responsibility to be an active member across all facets of community because we believe in the power that is unleashed when strong, healthy communities exist. We believe in work that acts to transform a collection of individuals into a thriving, connected community and unleashing its ability to help those in society who need it most. We look to support individuals and communities in ways that enhance the life of current community members and, more importantly, unleashes the ability for a community to enrich the quality of life for the next and future generations to follow.

Two long-standing partners we are proud to support are the Coquitlam School District and SHARE Family and Community Services Society, an independent, non-profit, community-based organization providing leadership and programs in response to the social needs of the residents of the Tri-Cities, New Westminster and adjacent communities.

Wesbild x Coquitlam Alternate Basic Education (CABE) Program
Since 2012 Wesbild has been a proud supporter of CABE, a Coquitlam school district program that supports students who struggle with the requirements of a mainstream school setting and have difficulty connecting with the structure and expectations in larger school populations. Through the years Wesbild has provided funding in support of various initiatives to ensure a supportive learning environment for CABE students including breakfast programs, education supplies and technology needs.

A New Outdoor Education Space
When CABE asked Wesbild for assistance to create an outdoor classroom we knew we had to help. We worked with Steve Bonnar from Bonnar Timber Excavation to create six cedar benches from an at-risk Western Red Cedar tree on Burke Mountain. The result is a new outdoor education space to support educators and students in the learning journey.

Wesbild Celebrates the 8th Anniversary of Wesbild LIFT
In 2012 Wesbild also launched its scholarship program, Leadership Initiative for Tomorrow (LIFT), through which CABE students can apply to receive financial support in the pursuit of post-secondary education. To date, Wesbild has granted over $365,000 in scholarship funds to over to over 137 CABE graduates pursuing post-secondary education. Scholarship recipients are pursuing careers in a diverse set of industries including youth justice, trades, business, social work, music and technology.


Wesbild is proud of the long-standing partnership it has formed with SHARE, which began in 2005. While the partnership began as support to SHARE’s food bank program, as SHARE’s community outreach initiatives grew, so too did Wesbild’s support including:

  • Providing sweat equity at SHARE food bank
  • Funding and project management of a parking lot expansion at the SHARE food bank facility
  • Support to SHARE’s annual fundraiser, Imagine Gala, as Presenting Sponsor since YEAR
  • The purchase, retro-fit and no-cost use of building facilities from which to operate food bank services


Since 2005, Wesbild has provided cost-free use of the retro-fitted building facility that houses SHARE food bank operations and services.


Conscious Leadership
We believe in choosing to do the right thing…simply because it’s the right thing. Integrity is a value core to Wesbild’s DNA. It governs how we execute work as a developer and how we contribute as a member of each community we build and every business we manage.

Wesbild employees are educated regarding and sign personal acknowledgement of Wesbild’s Code of Conduct which outlines, in plain language, the Company’s policies on anti-corruption, anti-harassment, data and cyber security, health and safety and procurement.

Data Privacy and Cyber Security
In 2022, Wesbild commissioned an independent cyber security audit. The Company has implemented recommendations from the report, proactively strengthening its cybersecurity practices.

Financial Rigour
Our annual financial statements are independently reviewed and audited by Deloitte LLP.

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