Old Log Barn Lives On at Predator Ridge

April 24, 2015 / in ,

Part of what makes Predator Ridge so special, is the history behind it.

Predator Ridge is delighted to share a truly special feature that has been incorporated into a variety of the new Whitetail homes, focused on bringing the old into the new! Recently, an old barn on the property that was built in 1898, by one of the settling families of the Commonage, the McQuarie family, had to be torn down.

This historic building was kept up for as long as possible, and was being used as a maintenance shed since the golf courses opened in 1991. The structure of the building was becoming severely compromised (it was 117 years old) so for safety reasons, the Predator Ridge team took extreme care in disassembling the building and salvaging as much wood as they could from it.

Well salvaged they did and with the help of a local millworker and our design team, the wood is being incorporated into new homes at Whitetail!

From mantles to accent pieces, the Predator Ridge design team is working all the old wood, into unique showcasing design features in the new homes. The wood selected from the old barn is in amazing shape and includes a variety of: yellow pine, lodge pole pine, spruce and fir.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of the Commonage area (where Predator Ridge calls home), please check out “THE HISTORY OF THE PREDATOR RIDGE AREA” blog.

You can also visit the old Commonage school house that used to be at Predator Ridge and built around the same time as the barn. In 1898, the Commonage school was built on the McQuarie land and was a major attraction for ranchers to settle into the area. In 1975 the school was restored and moved to Paddlewheel Park where it still remains as one of Vernon’s historic sites.

If you would like more details on the new Whitetail homes, please contact a Predator Ridge Real Estate Specialist to learn more. Toll Free: 1-866-578-2233 or 250-503-1739 or by Email: realestate@predatorridge.com

Barn at Predator Ridge