The Burke Mountain Community Garden is Now Open

May 16, 2013 / in , ,

Shifting Growth and The Foothills at Burke Mountain proudly unveiled the new Burke Mountain Community Garden on Sunday, April 28, 2013.

The garden is a growing space for the community with a goal to build healthy, resilient, and welcoming communities in and around the garden.

The Community Garden is a temporary use of land and the future of the site remains in the planning phase. The garden beds are completely mobile and in years to come the garden may be relocated.

The garden hosts 64 community garden beds, including 2 wheelchair accessible beds and 4 kid-friendly height beds, 2 community board/storage units, 1 centerpiece tree, 4 seating/storage units, 2 large compost units, 1 soil amendment storage unit, birdhouses, a 6 ft. high deer fencing with locking gate, and a crush gravel ground cover.

The garden is sponsored by The Foothills at Burke Mountain – a Wesbild Community, and managed by Shifting Growth.

Burke Mtn Community Garden