Wesbild Announces LIFT Scholarship Program at CABE Senior Secondary

December 5, 2012 / in ,

Wesbild Holdings Ltd. is pleased to announced the Wesbild Learning Initiative For Tomorrow (LIFT) Scholarship Program at C.A.B.E. Senior Secondary in Coquitlam, BC.

Introduced to CABE through the Vancouver Sun Adopt-a-School Program, the Wesbild LIFT Scholarship has committed significant funds over the next year and onward to support CABE graduates get post secondary training and education.

“We were really intrigued by the Vancouver Sun Adopt-a-School program.”, says Kevin Layden, Wesbild’s President & CEO, “When we went out and visited C.A.B.E. and saw the great work they are doing we wanted to get involved. The opportunity to help transition C.A.B.E. graduates into post secondary education and ultimately the work force is exciting for us.”

The Wesbild LIFT Scholarship at C.A.B.E. is open to current C.A.B.E. graduates, grads from up to 18 months ago can also apply, along with graduates from other schools in School District 43 who have spent 75% or more of their time at C.A.B.E. In addition, the Coquitlam Foundation has been engaged to manage the scholarship fund.

“C.A.B.E. is very excited to be working with Wesbild and have this opportunity for our students.” says Paul McNaughton, Principal of C.A.B.E., “This will help provide education and training that might otherwise not be available to our current and past grads and also helps get them out into the workforce and the next stages of their lives.”

The first round of scholarships will be awarded this January.