Wesbild donates $10,000 to Hyde Creek Watershed Society

October 21, 2022 / in ,

COQUITLAM, BC – At Wesbild, we are committed to environmental practices that not only benefit the community – but contribute to a healthy natural environment. To ensure special care is taken to protect watercourses at Burke Mountain, our team has optimized the design of creek crossings, whether they be clear-span bridges or box culverts. Our 20-year partnership with Hyde Creek Watershed Society (HCWS) has been instrumental in forming Wesbild’s innovative development practices in sensitive environments. In honour of the longstanding partnership and memory of long-time HCWS volunteer, Shane Peachman, Wesbild has provided a donation of $10,000 to Hyde Creek Watershed Society.

Since 2002, Wesbild has collaborated with Hyde Creek Watershed Society (HCWS) to assist with the enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat at Hyde Creek, a prominent fish-bearing creek in Northeast Coquitlam on Burke Mountain. During the ongoing developments at Burke Mountain, Wesbild and residents have volunteered hundreds of hours in, creek clean-ups, building salmon habitats, and supporting the HCWS Hatchery and Education Centre. Our partnership with HCWS has strengthened the mutualistic relationship between Wesbild’s developments and the preservation of freshwater ecosystems.  

Wesbild and HCWS have also partnered to address larger issues impacting fish habitats at Burke Mountain. In 2016, when Wesbild acquired the parcel of land formerly known as Burke Mountain Ranch, we identified a ravine bank complication located on site. It was found that a historical culvert, located northeast of the Hazel Avenue/Coast Meridian Road intersection (above the steep bank), failed due to natural causes. The failure resulted in the formation of a new channel alongside a historical logging trail, which caused significant scouring of the Hyde Creek bank and transferred sediment to a rearing-pond, located northwest of Pioneer Park. Wesbild located the source of the issue and promptly decommissioned the channel under the supervision of environmental and geotechnical consultants. Since then, the ecosystem has regained equilibrium and ongoing ravine bank failure and sediment transfer to downstream fish habitat has been mitigated.  

Wesbild is continuously committed to protecting the existing natural habitats by investing in sustainable practices and cultivating relationships with local stakeholders like HCWS. We look forward to the upcoming projects at Burke Mountain, and we accept the responsibility to make the world a little greener.

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